Founded 2010 – About Burgerklubben – Established 2010 in Copenhagen


Rasmus Lund (founding member)
Jakob Rasmussen (founding member)
Jakob Bollerup (founding member)
Casper Heiselberg (founding member)
Mads Uhre (founding member)
Morten Walther (founding member)
Rasmus Kobbersmed (2011)

A group of Danish guys, that really love burgers and after they having paid visits to a few gourmet burger-joints in Copenhagen, decided to create their own club. is dedicated to the world-famous Cheese & Burger Society.
Unfortunately, the most important ingredient in a Cheese & Burger Society burger – the Wisconsin Cheese – is impossible to get hold of in Denmark… Follow their adventures here and see if they make it on the trip of their lives: A trip to the Wisconsin Cheese factory!

Do you want to get in touch with us? email us at cto(at)

Danes from Copenhagen proudly honoring the Cheese & Burger Society since 2010. We meet up every month and eat homemade burgers.