January 2017 – “They said it couldn’t be done” #1 – Buddyburger

New concept:
From now on we will do the same theme 3 meetings in a row. We have been divided into 3 groups in order to really develop our skills and challenge each other.

For this meeting and the following next two meetings, the theme is: “They said it couldn’t be done”.

Late Christmas dinner (julefrokost)

Host: Bollerup

Theme: Smoked

Cheeseburger with smoked bacon and other smoked ingredients.

Homemade snaps and plenty of games


November 2016 – Rosé

Host: Heiselberg

Theme: Rosé

A french inspired burger with ratatouille

Maj 2016 – Car manufacturers

For the meeting in May 2016 Morten Walther randomly picked the probably most anticipated subject for his meeting: CAR MANUFACTURERS

Take a look at the burger and you see a Ferrari Cabriolet 😉


90’s burger on a cruise to Oslo

Host: Casper

Theme: 90’s burger

Date: April

Place: The DFDS Seaways ferry

“EJ! Hvor lækkert”

Host: Bollerup

Theme: Ej hvor lækkert!

March 2016

Danes proudly honoring the Cheese & Burger Society